Ichigo Evil

(It’s Cosy Inside)

‘What happens when you take stop-start, prog-jazz weirdos Evil Usses and mix them with someone even stranger? Well, Ichi’s DIY dada-pop genius isn’t going to make things more normal is it? Witness new combo Ichigo Evil knock at the doors of perception with dayglo skronk and one stringed fiddles. FFO: Black Midi & Damo Suzuki, Melt Yourself Down, Cornelius.’ Headfirst Bristol Staff Picks

photo credit: Ani Lou

THE EVIL USSES make a kind of undefinable, instrumental, protopunk, jazz not jazz, noise that reaches extreme euphoric moments on stage. Inspired by the nonsense poetry and music of Ivor Cutler and angular altrock groups such as Deerhoof. They have been touring across the UK and Europe for nearly a decade to drools of cult like extasy. Releasing records via Bristol ‘Stolen Body Recordings’. On bills including Paddy Steer, Henge, Part Chimp, The Comet is Coming and Melt Yourself Down.

ICHI is the Japanese One-Man-Band dadaist instrument maker, songwriter and performance artist. Releasing music with Pictish Trails ‘Lost Map’ Records, ‘Kit Records’ and ‘Sweet Dreams Press’ in Japan. He has performed his hugely unique show to metal heads, grandmas, folkys and crying toddlers across the world including performances at Green Man, Glastonbury, Supersonic as well as an art instillation at End of the Road festival which virilized.

Earlier in 2022 The Evil Usses and Ichi got together to work on some tracks, a few weeks later they formed for the first time as Ichigo Evil, performing an bounce-off-the-walls-bonkers part improvised set to a sold out Bristol Psych Festival.