• Ana Roxanne
    Ana Roxanne

    Ana Roxanne (Kranky) ‘The ambient musician on her winding path to discovering her voice, with detours into jazz and Hindustani singing.’ Pitchfork Embodying the radiance of R&B vocalists, the immaculateness of church hymns, and the soul-stirring power of devotional music, Ana Roxanne makes incredibly intimate pieces of music that combine meditative drone, calming ambient soundscapes,…

  • Bex Burch & Leafcutter John
    Bex Burch & Leafcutter John

    Bex Burch & Leafcutter John (Vual Viel Records) ‘Contemporary Album of the Month’ The Guardian Minimalist percussion meets exuberant synths on ‘Boing!’, a first-time pairing of like-minded artists Leafcutter John, “one of the UK’s most fearlessly inventive electronicists” (Time Out London) and “imaginative” (The Wire) composer, percussionist and gyil player Bex Burch.  When a planned meeting…

  • Dana Gavanski
    Dana Gavanski

    Dana Gavanski Full Time Hobby ‘Each song is an immersive journey into a melody, intricately framed’ The Quietus There’s something mesmerising about the fingertips of Dana Gavanski.

  • Deerhoof

    Deerhoof (Joyful Noise) ‘Deerhoof has had a track record of at least one excellent record a year.’ NY Times Sit down, let me tell you a story.

  • Group Listening
    Group Listening

    Group Listening (Prah) ‘Canonical ambient works sublimely re-arranged’ MOJO Group Listening’s first album, Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works, Vol.1, was a haunting, reflective and lovingly considered selection box of musical reworkings.

  • Haiku Salut
    Haiku Salut

    Haiku Salut (How Does It Feel to Be Loved?) ‘Shimmer and hang in the air like motes of dust, others pulse and scurry’ Uncut Haiku Salut are an instrumental dream pop and electronica trio from the Derbyshire Dales.

  • Hailu Mergia
    Hailu Mergia

    Hailu Mergia (Awesome Tapes From Africa) ‘Jazz Legend’ The Guardian The story of Hailu Mergia is one of survival and a late justice for years spent in exile: The maestro, once the leader of 1970es Addis Ababa’s favourite dance band Walias, emigrated to the US after the Mengistu regime came into political power at home…

  • Ichi

    Ichi (Lost Map) ‘What on earth is this?!

  • Ichigo Evil
    Ichigo Evil

    Ichigo Evil (It’s Cosy Inside) ‘What happens when you take stop-start, prog-jazz weirdos Evil Usses and mix them with someone even stranger?

  • Leafcutter John
    Leafcutter John

    Leafcutter John (Border Community) ‘Alongside Aphex Twin and Bogdan Raczynski – he’s one of the UK’s most fearlessly inventive electronicists’ Time Out London Longstanding member of twice Mercury Prize nominated band Polar Bear, Leafcutter John is a widely celebrated artist in his own right.

  • Mary Lattimore
    Mary Lattimore

    Mary Lattimore (Ghostly International) ‘What makes Mary Lattimore’s work so entrancing is its interiority.


    MEMORIALS (51State Conspiracy) “A debut of remarkable daring and versatility” Album of the Week, The Quietus MEMORIALS is the new band of Verity Susman (Electrelane) and Matthew Simms (Wire, Better Corners, It Hugs Back, UUUU).

  • Mike Lindsay
    Mike Lindsay

    Mike Lindsay presents ‘Supershapes’ (Moshi Moshi) Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP) releases Supershapes Vol 1 in 2024 via Moshi Moshi Records.  Supershapes Vol 1 explores the majestic in the domestic.

  • Minyo Crusaders
    Minyo Crusaders

    Minyo Crusaders (Mais Um) ‘Fascinating… love this.

  • Pet Shimmers
    Pet Shimmers

    Pet Shimmers (Brokers Tip) ‘woozy, ambitious lo-fi rock topped off with drowsy vocals that strike a contrast with the music’s epic scope.

  • Sweet Baboo
    Sweet Baboo

    Sweet Baboo (Republic of Music) ‘One of Wales’s finest modern songwriters His music is charming and flecked with magic.’ The Guardian Sweet Baboo is the alter ego of North Walian musician and songwriter StephenBlack.

  • The Wild Classical Music Ensemble & Lee Ranaldo
    The Wild Classical Music Ensemble & Lee Ranaldo

    Wild Classical Music Ensemble & Lee Ranaldo (La Belle Brute) “It reminds me of my early days with Sonic Youth when we were open to anything.

  • Yama Warashi
    Yama Warashi

    Yama Warashi (Prah) ‘A bewitching album of junkshop pop and world music’ Uncut Yoshino Shigihara came into 2019 needing a change.